Associazione "Sbandieratori e Musici di Velletri"
Vicolo dell'Arco, 25  00049 Velletri
A Drummer was the responsible for the drums in the army for use on the battlefield. The drums were an important part of the battlefield communications system, with various drum rolls used to signal different commands from officers to troops.

In early medieval Europe, the use of the drum for military purposes did not begin until the crusades. The European armies first encountered them used by the Islamic military forces, who used primarily their traditional kettledrums, and found that the sound would particularly affect the Crusader's horses, who had not previously encountered them. By the early 13th century the Crusaders used them also. The snare drum was taken into use later in 13th century Europe, to rally troops, and to demoralize the enemy.

This is the major historical distinction between a military band and a corps of drums, 'drummers' would not play their instruments to entertain or delight, but rather as a utilitarian battlefield role.

Today drummer's military role faded to a more musical function, the flags and they're movements are highlighted by drums and clarions music.

The Sbandieratori & Musici di Velletri's Drum section practices regularly during the week. This moments of practice are the key to improve timing and coordination in the Corp and to enhance the quality of the final exhibition, which is always in coordination with the Sbandieratori Corp and their flag's movements.
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