Associazione "Sbandieratori e Musici di Velletri"
Vicolo dell'Arco, 25  00049 Velletri
The Corteo Storico is a historical costume parade, which completes the Sbandieratori and Drummer's Group whenever the Association needs an implement for greater historical accuracy such as in reenactments or civil events. The parade moves to the sound of drums and clarions and it is a formally choreographed "triumphal" march that commemorates the ancient institutions, customs and greatness of the Municipal Age of Velletri. The parade involves several participants in refined and historically accurate costumes.
Historical costume parade
Special attention is given to the Decarcie, the six ancient quarters in which Velletri was divided, that during the Palio delle Decarcie, an exciting horse race, competes one against the other to achieve final victory and an embroidered tapestry given as a prize. Sbandieratori, Drummers and the Corteo Storico are the beating heart of the Palio, being supporters and main attraction of the event, along with the "Gruppo Folcloristico Equestre Città di Velletri", led by Franco de Masi, which horses run the race for the craved embroided tapestry.
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