Associazione "Sbandieratori e Musici di Velletri"
Vicolo dell'Arco, 25  00049 Velletri
The "Sbandieratori e Musici di Velletri" Association
The "Sbandieratori e Musici di Velletri" Association, enrolled in the F.A.F.It (Italian Folklore's Associations Federation), was born in 2007 in the disbanded Association "Palio delle Decarcie - Nicola Ferri". In this context, the first nucleus of the Sbandieratori group was born, and in 2010 it became an autonomous Association under the name of "Associazione Sbandieratori e Musici di Velletri".
The group reinvoke the 16th century Velletri's Elite Crossbowman corps, which was a town's pride and peculiar army corp at the time, and it brings in all the exhibitions, onto it's flag and costumes, the City's symbols and colors in use at that particular time. Since February 2010, the Association took part in numerous historical re-enactments and civil events, always receiving positive praises.
Everyone is accepted into the group, boys and girls 8 to 50 years old coexist in a peaceful and collaborative spirit, not letting any competitive spirit prevailing, so that everyone can express their own ability and personality freely.
To the sound of drums and clarions, the Association's exhibition becomes an exciting and intense show, full of sound, colors and original coreographies.
Thanks to the enthusiasm and committment of it's members, the Association wants to promote the "antica arte del maneggiar l'insegna" (ancient art of using and handle the flag), and to make all those who are interested into it's beauty and rich history enriched, culturally and intellectually.
Enrollments are always open, everyone who's interested in learning how to use a flag, play drums or clarions can contact us, and we'll gladly share with everyone this fascinating experience of colors and history!
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